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The client.


Auctane are a global leading provider of eCommerce delivery management technology to the world’s largest network of shipping enterprise retailers and brands. Often, it’ll be their software that’s powering the 350+ carriers that deliver goods across the World.

The project.

TDC 2024.

The Delivery Conference 2024 (TDC) is London's premier event in the world of delivery services. Here, leading retailers, carriers, and tech pioneers come together annually to tackle the latest ecommerce hurdles and swap strategies for success. With each year, we breathe new life into the event, through engaging video content that takes the experience to the next level.


Transforming the TDC experience through motion.

Year after year, 63 embraces the challenge of infusing the event with our creative expertise, beginning with the centrepiece: the opening video, setting the stage and dictating the aesthetic for the entire day. Our involvement spans across all creative facets of the project, meticulously crafted presentations, transition screens, and engaging social media content to amplify excitement surrounding the event. As the day unfolds, we capture candid interviews, seamlessly editing them live onsite, ready to be shared during the event's climactic closing remarks. With our dedicated efforts, we ensure every moment is not just memorable but also impactful, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.

The outcome.


Each year, our aim is to surpass the success of the previous event, and this year, we exceeded all expectations. The event was nothing short of spectacular, with immersive video footage, expansive screens, and impeccable sound seamlessly woven together to create an unforgettable experience. From captivating visuals to expertly curated content, every element contributed to making this year truly memorable and set a new standard for excellence. 2025 here we come!


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