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Brooklands Museum.

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The client.

Brooklands Museum.

For over 100 years they dreamt it, built it, raced it, and flew it. It’s where speed records were smashed, Concorde was developed, and the first package holiday aircraft was made. When it comes to historical endeavour and innovation in motorsport and aviation in the twentieth century, few names are synonymous as Brooklands with its historical legacy. But, with an eye on the future, Brooklands Museum wanted to change their image, so it not only appealed to enthusiasts, but it encouraged families, couples, and younger people to visit.

How we work with them.

Remembering yesterday, building for tomorrow.

Having won a pitch, we set about giving the brand a fresh new look, whilst retaining the heritage yellow and green colours. As well as creating the new brand identity, tone of voice and application that’s been carried across literature, wayfinding, advertising, and video, today we work closely with the Brooklands board and marketing team to develop build the brand for the future, on and off site, designed to echo and amplify the historical achievements associated with the location.

The outcome.

Flying higher.

The new Brooklands Museum brand has given the museum a modern vision, whilst retaining the culture of what it once was. It’s appealing to a wider diverse audience with increasing footfall discovering its rich heritage and legacy that will be around for the next 100 years.



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